Forced Action Mixer

How can I tow my 300 L forced action mixer after a car?
By purchasing a ball coupling you can tow a 300 L forced action mixer after a car. Beware of local speed limits towing.
How do I change the mixing blades of my forced action mixer?
On the models 80 L - 300 L it is possible to change the rubber blades; on the models 120 L - 300 L it is also possible to change the steel blades. These can simply be bolted off of the end of the mixing arms and replaced using the correct parts for your machine. Video is on its way!
How do I change the rubber on my blades? And the top rubber?
Detach the damaged rubber from the blades and optionally the top. If you need to change the top rubber as well, you should start with attaching this.
How do I figure out which size my forced action mixer has?
There are three ways to figuring out which model you have.
Do I need to use the longer or shorter mixing arms for my 300 L forced action mixer?
The older SoRoTo® Forced action Mixer 300 L had longer mixing arms. When the grid lid was changed (it got a curvier - and thus stronger - PI-height), the arms were cut shorter. It is possible to purchase both new and older ones.
I have an older machine with an old grid lid - can I change it to a new one?
If you have an older machine with the old, flat grid lid it is possible to change to the new and improved grid lid. All you need to beware is the size of the hinge.
Where is the serial no. on my forced action mixer?
The serial no. on a SoRoTo® Forced Action Mixer is placed on the side of the safety switch.
How to maintain and clean my forced action mixer
Clean your forced action mixer after every use. You can e.g. use a pressure washer in the drum (DO NOT use it on the electric parts). When mixing glue containing product (such as rubber asphalt/resin) you can either burn the blades or use very hot water. BEWARE: Only mix glue containing product with steel blades.
How do I mount the Turboarm on the 300 L forced action mixer?
It is easy mounting the Turboarm to the 300 L forced action mixer - and the result is a much faster mixing time. All you need to do is exchange the arm in position 21 on the blow up drawing of the 300 L. BEWARE: The Turboarm is only for mortar without rocks.
Rubber blades vs. steel blades?
When purchasing a SoRoTo® Forced Action Mixer you chose whether you want it delivered with steel or rubber blades. The stadard version on the smaller models ( 40 L - 120 L) is with steel, and the larger models (200 L and 300 L) are with rubber blades - but you can get whatever you want.
Can I mix rubber asphalt, wet pour or resin bound material in a forced action mixer?
Yes you can! We sell many forced action mixers to especially the UK and Australia for mixing resin bound aggregates and wet pour rubber, and SoRoTo® is one of the most prolific machines for this purpose.
My forced action mixer won't start...
When you transport and set up a forced action mixer, there can be several, easily solvable reasons why it won't start. Here is what to check if your forced action mixer won't start.
What is different about the 65-Light?
65-Light is a model developed for the craftsman who doesn't use a forced action mixer too often It has a thinner drum, different mixing arms etc. Read more under the product description of the 65-Light.
The mixing arms keep going up...
The mixing arms can go up for several reasons: - Check that the output shaft is not filled with mixing product. - Check that the mixer is equipped with the right mixing arms for your current purpose. Steel blades may not be used for mixing rock containing material (with rocks over the size of 8mm).
How do I change the spring pins?
If your spring pins snap, they are easily replaced. Just follow this simple guide.
How to mix very thin-flowing material in a forced action mixer
- Fill all the dry material into the mixer
- Add about 1/3 of the water while the machine runs
- Let the machine run for 2-3 minutes, until all the material is an even, moist mix
- Add the last of the water, and let the machine run in a couple of minutes until finished.

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