CMP 160D

The CMP 160D is a concrete mixer from our ”Professional” series. This concrete mixer has a reinforced structure all the way down to the puncture-free wheels. The braces are designed to be forklift pockets, allowing it to be transported by forklift or by telescopic handler. The motor shield is made of metal to better protect the motor. The gear ring is made from cast iron, making this a more long-wearing construction as well. The drum has a reinforced opening, as well as 2 double mixing shovels. The CMP 160D has a mixing capacity of 160L and a drum capacity of 190L. It can mix 1.4 m3/hour. This concrete mixer weighs 87 kg without the motor. The CMP 160D differs from the other 2 in being equipped with a gear/disc that helps the user empty the mixing tray without too much effort. The CMP 160D is for the professional user, and it is recommended for medium-sized construction projects.

Cement Mixers
Mixing Capacity 160L
Width/Length 143,5 x 76 cm
Height 139 cm
Motor 110V - 240V - 400V
Drum Capacity 190L
Weight 87 kg