CMT Concrete Mixer Series


If you are looking for a drum mixer that is easier to transport than most other drum mixers, the CMT series the just the series for you! The “T” in CMT stands for trailer and is a good illustration of the options you have for transporting these machines. These drum mixers are equipped with a ball coupler for mounting on a trailer hitch, allowing CMT drum mixers to be towed by a car. The machines are considered trailers, and they are built to be towed at speeds up to 90 km/h – but it obviously depends on the legislation in any given country. Common to the CMT 200, CMT 300, CMT 340, and CMT 390 is the fact that they are equipped with a gear/disc that helps the user empty the mixing tray with less power discharge. All the mixers in this series are equipped with 3 mixing shovels in the drum, with the purpose of optimizing mixing as much as possible.

Worth noting about the various models in our CMT series is the fact that some of the machines have names that end in ”45”. This indicates that the machine is equipped with a 45-degree angled turning handle, and that’s the difference.