CMT 210-45

In many ways, our CMT 210-45 is similar to our CMT 200, but it is equipped with an additional 10L capacity, making it 210L. This gives you a mixing volume of 2m3/hour, which is great for small and medium-sized construction projects. Furthermore, this mixer differs from the CMT 200 in that it has a turning handle that is angled 45 degrees.

One of the special features of this drum mixer, as is true for all CMT drum mixers, is the fact that it can be transported like a trailer behind a car, because it is equipped with wheels, brake lights, and a ball coupler for mounting on a trailer hitch. Furthermore, the machine can be moved with a forklift or a telescopic handler, thereby giving you numerous transportation options for this type of drum mixer.

Cement Mixers
Motor 110V - 240V - 400V
Drum Capacity 260L
Mixing Capacity 210L
Height 152 cm
Width/Length 96/170 cm
Weight 174 kg