CMH 320

The CMH 320 is more of a mixing system than an actual drum mixer, since automatic water dosage and weighing systems can be incorporated. It has a hydraulic feeding box. The CMH 320 has a mixing capacity of 320L, and a drum capacity of 360L, making it suitable for medium-sized construction sites. The CMH320 mixing system weighs 560 kg, making it a heavy machine to maneuver around. It has galvanized legs that can be lowered, and it is often fixed standing on these legs due to its heavy weight. With its 320L production, the CMH 320 can produce 8m3/hour.

Cement Mixers
Motor 7.5 Hp
Drum Capacity 360 L
Mixing Capacity 320 L
Height 280 cm
Width/Length 198/182 cm
Weight 560 kg