BA 85K Mixing Paddle

The BA85K is an effective mixing paddle developed specifically for components requiring a strong mixing paddle effect, such as if you want to mix two types of paint to create a specific colour. The high efficiency is the result of the six mixing blades on the head of the mixing paddle, which generate a powerful downstream current from the top of the mixing head, resulting in an efficient mixing process that, amongst other things, prevents the creation of lumps. The BA85K mixing paddle is a unique addition to our mixing paddle collection, although it shares many of its qualities with the mixing paddles in the FLOW collection. For this reason, the mixing paddle makes up a collection of its own, known as ‘TURBOFLOW’, as it is slightly more specialised in order to create a strong mixing paddle effect.

The BA85K can be connected to a drill using a drill chuck, making the mixing paddle a good fit for small and quick mixtures as a drill does not present the same ergonomic options as a stirrer, such as an optimised grip with both hands. The estimated mixing capacity is 10-15 kg.

The strength of the mixing paddle is its ensemble of components that require a strong mixing paddle effect, and these can be used for a wide range of thin products. With its height of 500 mm, the mixing paddle is perfect for mounting in a drill using a drill chuck. The mixing paddle is perfect for anyone who wants to mix multiple materials with a strong mix effect, such as lacquer, glaze, resin, and self-levelling flooring.

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  • Hexagonal axle, diameter 85 mm.
  • Height: 500 mm.
  • Materials: Lacquer, glaze, resin, self-levelling flooring, binding solutions, adhesive mortar, fillers, and tile adhesive.
  • Current: Downstream.
  • Estimated mixing capacity: 10-15 kg.
Mixing Paddles
Ø 85 mm
Heigth 500 mm
Weight 0,93
For 13 mm Drill Chuck (D)/
M14 Thread (M14)