SVS Table Saw Series

The SVS Table Saws are designed for cutting and mitering all kinds of construction material, especially those with oversized dimensions, in a fast, clean and precise way.

The SVS Table Saws have an innovative cutting head system that allows the blade’s positioned easily at 300 and 350 mm with an easy adjustment. And an exclusive teeth-belt/wheel transmission system allows a precise and comfortable cut on large slabs.

Four versions are available with either 85 cm, 125 cm, 150 cm of 200 cm cutting length.

Table saws SVS
Motor 240 V
Output 2.2 - 3.0 kW
Water Tank 42 L
Blade 300 - 250 x 25.4 mm
Cutting Depth 75 mm
Cutting Length 200 - 1500 mm
Weight 84 - 123 kg