SCREW Mixing Paddles

If you need a good all-round mixing paddle suitable for a wide range of mixing tasks, then a mixing paddle from the SCREW collection is perfect for you. The mixing paddles feature a smart design that results in a 15-20% increase in efficiency and a more ergonomic working posture. The special feature of the design is the conical shape of the mixing head, where the mixing head is wider at the top than at the base, which is better suited for the slanted sides of a mixing bucket. This makes it easier to scrape the sides of the bucket and avoid extreme positions, which minimises the strain on your back. The conical design is unique to the SCREW and EXPERT collections.

What should you mix with a mixing paddle from the SCREW collection?

The SCREW collection is suitable for various mixing tasks and well-suited to both thin and thick materials. We recommend using the products for thick materials like tile adhesive, plaster, and mortar because the mixing head is angled upstream. As a result, the mixing paddle draws the material from the bottom towards the top, providing an effective mix of thick materials.