CMW 110

Our CMW 110 drum mixer is a functional mixer with a wider range of use options than the “traditional” drum mixer. This is because this drum mixer can be removed from the frame and rolled around like a wheelbarrow, making it a little handier. Drum mixers that can mix both on the ground and on the frame gives more height options, so you could say that this drum mixer is more ergonomic than other stationary drum mixers. Furthermore, the motor construction provides low-noise mixing, which is another advantage of the CMW 110. It can handle several different types of tasks and is very suitable for small and medium-sized jobs with its mixing capacity of 110L.

In summary, a CMW 110 is a versatile drum mixer with the advantage of easily being rolled around like a wheelbarrow, while it can also sit in its frame at a good working height. It is low-noise, and it is a very nice drum mixer with lots of possible uses.


  • The top can be removed – more use options
  • Can be rolled on the ground like a wheelbarrow
  • Several height-level options (in frame or on the ground)
  • Low noise
  • Can easily get around to several jobs on the construction site
Cement Mixers
Motor 110V - 240V - 400V
Drum Capacity 130L
Mixing Capacity 110L
Height 145cm
Width/Length 75/135 cm
Weight 58 kg