GA 90K Mixing Paddle

The GA90K mixing paddle is the ideal mixing paddle for anyone who needs a good all-round tool that is more efficient than a traditional mixing paddle and kind on your back. The mixing paddle is an all-round mixing paddle primarily intended for thick materials, but it can also be used to mix thin materials. The GA90K is the smallest mixing paddle in the SCREW collection.

The GA90K can be attached to a drill using a drill chuck, making the mixing paddle a good fit for small and quick mixtures as a drill does not present the same ergonomic options as a stirrer, such as an optimised grip with both hands.

What is special about the design of the GA90K mixing paddle?

The mixing paddle offers more efficient mixing due to its special conical design, which is used across the SCREW and EXPERT collections. The conical design makes the mixing head wider at the top than at the base, which has a key impact on ergonomics and efficiency. The design is intended for use in a mixing bucket, and seeing as these typically feature slanted sides, it is easier to reach the edges when the mixing paddle is wide at the top and slim at the base. This ensures a better working posture that is easier on your back, and you mix 15-20% faster than you would with a traditional wish. The GA90K has an estimated mixing capacity of 5-10 kg.

For which materials is the GA90K mixing paddle suitable?

As mentioned, the GA90K is a good all-round mixing paddle that can be used for thick and thin materials. That said, we recommend using it for thick materials like tile adhesive, plaster, and mortar, as the mixing paddle is twisted right, creating an upstream. Mixing paddles that are twisted right draw the material from the bottom and mixing paddle it upwards, so it can be difficult to keep the material in the mixing bucket if you use the BA90K mixing paddle for thin materials such as polish and paints. As the mixing paddle is suitable for mounting in a drill, thanks to the hexagonal axle, the direction can be reversed, creating a downstream current, which is more suitable for thin materials.

For thin materials, we recommend using the SA120 NEG mixing paddle with a downstream current. 

If you want an overview of which mixing paddles we recommend for which materials, you can check out our mixing paddle wheel here.

  • Hexagonal axle, diameter 8 mm for mounting in a drill chuck.
  • Height: 555 mm
  • Materials: Tile adhesive, plaster, mortar, polish, and paints.
  • Mixing head: 80 mm diameter at the base, 100 mm at the top.
  • Estimated mixing capacity: 5-10 kg.
  • Current: Upstream.
  • The cone-shaped design means that the mixing paddle mixes 15-20% faster than the conventional mixing paddles.
  • GA90K has a diameter on 100 mm in the top and 80 mm in the bottom.
  • The hexagonal shaft is for mounting in a drill chuck.


The mixing paddles from the GA series are true all-round mixing paddles. They are especially suitable for viscous products like adhesives, renders and mortar. They can, however, also be used for paints and other low viscous materials.

Mixing Paddles
Ø 80/100 mm
Heigth 555 mm
Weight 0.61 kg
For 13 mm Drill Chuck (D)/
M14 Thread (M14)