ITEM NO.: 80000

Forced Action Mixer 80 L


Like the other 240V/110V SoRoTo® Forced Action Mixers, the SoRoTo® 80 L rolls through doors without any problems.

The SoRoTo® 80 L Forced Action Mixer mixes double the amount the SoRoTo® 40 L does, but is still easy to move around with. It is possible to purchase the SoRoTo® Dust Controller for the 80 L mixer which is practical and really good for your health, especially if you have the mixer running indoors for long periods of time.

It mixes fast for flooring, tiling, grouting, concrete renovation and more.

The SoRoTo® 80 L runs on either 240V or 110V, and weighs no more than 88 Kg. Take a look at the other specification below.

BEWARE: When mixing material with aggregates, we recommend using a mixer system with rubber shovels.

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  • Removable mixer arms - makes cleaning easy - no need for tools.
  • By tipping the mixer it can easily be loaded onto a car by means of the small wheels.
  • Easily adjustable telescopic legs for discharge into bucket or wheelbarrow.
  • After 3-5 minutes the perfect mix is discharged through mixer gate at bottom of drum.
  • The grid lid is mounted on hinges and equipped with automatic mechanical switch to meet safety regulations.
  • Rubber strap secures the grid lid during transportation.
  • In case of wear you can only need to change one paddle if the otherss are all right.
Forced Action Mixer 80 L
Motor 240 V / 110V
Output 1.1 kW
Weight 86 kg
RPM 30
Drum Capacity 81 L
Mixing Capacity 80 L
Height 109-127 cm
Width/Length 60/75 cm
Standard blades steel