Mixing Paddles

SoRoTo® has mixing paddles for drill chucks as well as for threads

At SoRoTo, we have always been curious to see how you achieve the best possible mix. We know that finding the right tool for your mixture can be a challenge. So, in 2005, we developed our collection of mixing paddles to give you a range of smart designs that fit your mixture perfectly.

Our selection of mixing paddles is divided into five collections, each of which has its advantages in terms of suitable materials and general properties.

The FLOW collection is home to our smallest mixing paddles and comprises three products designed for small volumes of thin materials. The FLOW mixing paddles feature mixing blades angled downstream, which helps you keep thin materials in your mixing bucket.

The TURBOFLOW collection is similar to the FLOW collection in that it is good for small volumes of thin materials. The collection is particularly suitable for materials that need efficient mixing, as this is ensured by the six mixing blades angled downstream.

The TWIN collection gets its name from the design of the mixing paddles, which feature two twisted mixing blades. The blades are angled downstream, making TWIN great for thin materials.

The EXPERT collection comprises two conical mixing paddles with three mixing blades, and the collection is developed for specific materials. One of the mixing paddles specialises in thin materials, while the other specialises in thick mixtures. The deciding factor is the upstream or downstream angling.

 The SCREW collection is our all-round collection, which is suitable for a wide range of materials and mixing tasks. The mixing paddles in this collection feature a conical design and are best suited for thick materials due to the upstream angling of their two mixing blades.

The conical design of the EXPERT and SCREW collections make these two collections more ergonomic than traditional mixing paddles, as you can scrape the slanted sides of the mixing bucket while maintaining an upright working posture. The design also speeds up mixing by 15-20%