Mixing Paddles

SoRoTo® has mixing paddles for drill chucks as well as for threads

We have mixing paddles for all requirements and types of material. We offer the right mixing paddle for every application.

The conical design of the SA and GA series results in a 15-20% faster mix preparation compared to traditional whisks. In addition, the mixing paddle follows the sloping sides of the masonry tub, so you can easily hold it vertically and still scrape the edges of the masonry tub. Avoid making a mess with the mixing material and unnecessary twisting of your back.

The BA Series is for paint products and other thin-flowing materials.

The GA Series is an all-round mixing paddle. However, it is most effective in the more viscous products, such as tile adhesive, plaster and masonry mortar.

The SA Series is available with either paddles coiled clockwise or counter-clockwise (negative). The counter-clockwise version is best suited for thin-flowing products; the clockwise model is good for viscous products.

Our mixing paddles are versatile and come equipped with either an M14 coupling for use with electric mixers or with Hex fittings, which allow for easy change-over with any power tool.

All of our mixing paddles come with strong welded joints, which means that they are made to last – even in combination with tough materials. The powder-coated finish gives our mixing paddles an attractive look and feel.