ITEM NO.: 850000

Electric Mixer SoRoTo® Mix 850W

The 850W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer is developed specifically for tradespeople who need a versatile electric mixer for small mixing tasks. The electric mixer is handy for mixing thin flowing materials such as paint and lacquer.

Unlike the bigger 1220W and 1300W electric mixers, this model is fitted with a single gear, making it simple to use—and its low weight makes the electric mixer even more user-friendly. The electric mixer has a series of properties that makes it a strong and compact tool for smaller mixing tasks:

  • High power – low weight
  • Safety bracket that protects the mixer in the event of a fall
  • Extra handle that also works as a safety bracket
  • Speed-regulating start/stop button
  • Auto-drive feature that runs the motor automatically

The safety bracket is one of the main advantages of the 850W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer as it also works as a handle and a safety feature. The extra handle makes it easy to get a good grip with both hands, making this one of the features that sets the electric mixer apart from a drill.

The electric mixer is fitted with an M14 adapter and comes with a drill chuck, making it a versatile electric mixer that fits a range of whisks – just like the bigger 1220W and 1300W electric mixers.

The speed-regulating start/stop button allows you to adjust the mixing speed during the mixing process, and the strong and robust design makes this an excellent electric mixer.

The 850W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer is an excellent introduction to mixing with electric mixers, and it can be a great upgrade for those tired of mixing with a regular, weaker drill without the extra handle.

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Electric Mixers
Motor 240 V
Output 0.85 kW
RPM <500
Gears 1
Cable 3.5 m
Thread M14
Whisk, Max. Ø 120 mm
Protection Class II
Weight 2.8 kg