ITEM NO.: 1300000

Electric Mixer SoRoTo® Mix 1300W

The 1300W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer is perfect for professionals who need a strong and powerful electric mixer that works well for mixing smaller amounts within its class. The 1300W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer can handle a wide range of mixing tasks and materials, such as tile adhesives, plastering mortar, masonry mortar, granulated rubber, or epoxy resin with a hardening agent—the only limit is the whisk.

Strong and versatile electric mixer with beneficial features

The powerful 1300W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer has a strong and stable motor/gearbox, but its weight remains low. The electric mixer is equipped with a series of beneficial features:

  • Gearbox with two adjustable gears
  • Soft start
  • Speed-regulating start/stop button
  • Ergonomic handle
  • High power – low weight
  • Auto-drive feature that runs the motor automatically
  • Ergonomic design that creates a better work height

The advantage of a gearbox with two adjustable gears is that you can adjust the mixing speed as you see fit, which leads to a more uniform result. The electric mixer has a strong power gear and slower gear. The power gear is helpful at first, where getting the mixture going can be a heavy task. You can then change gear to increase the number of revolutions and lower the power, which is ideal once the mixture is distributed and easier to work with.

Aside from the power gear that makes starting a breeze, the electric mixer is also equipped with a soft-start feature that gradually increases the number of revolutions which results in a more comfortable start that stops the material from flying over the edges. Once the electric mixer is up and running, it has an auto-drive feature that runs the motor automatically without you needing to hold down the start button.

A highly user-friendly electric mixer

1300W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer is developed to be user-friendly. The handle is made to match the human anatomy, and the wide handle creates an ideal work position that keeps your shoulders relaxed. The work position is further optimised by the angling of the handle, which faces outwards and slightly upwards with a soft yellow grip for support that contributes to the ergonomic position.

The electric mixer was developed with our whisks in mind, so our whisks are extra-long to improve the work height when using the electric mixer. Furthermore, the design of the electric mixer is tall to position it even higher. Our whisk and electric mixer are, therefore, a great match, and when it comes to mixing with the 1300W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer, the only limit is your choice of whisk.

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Electric Mixers
Motor 240 V
Output 1.3 kW
RPM 300 - 700
Gears 2
Cable 5.0 m
Thread M14
Whisk, Max. Ø 160 mm
Protection Class II
Weight 4.5 kg