Belt Conveyor 8.0 m
Belt Conveyor 8.0 m
ITEM NO.: 8000

Belt Conveyor 8.0 m


As the only producer on the market, we produce 8M long belt conveyors!

Compared to traditional belt conveyors with rubber belts, our belts are made of PVC, which is a more durable and lightweight material, that furthermore requires minimal maintenance. Our PVC belts - with or without carriers - can handle transportation of all kinds of materials, including building waste, rubble, wood chips, soil, sand, gravel, concrete etc.

- And it's easy to maintain. The holes in the steel plates under the PVC belt cool down both the machine itself and the belt. In addition, they ensure that the machine cleans itself during operation.

We have created the steel plates using a unique modular system. This means that if a part breaks, you only have to replace that specific part, as opposed to the entire full-length plate. This is both cheaper and more convenient.

Our belt conveyors are the lightest on the market. Due to the open aluminum frame, we have achieved a very low weight on the entire unit, which in turn makes it an extremely portable conveyor system.

Our 8.0 m belt conveyor can therefore be used by one operator, who can easily move the machine around to where it is required. For transportation over greater distances, i.e. from one end of a construction site to the other – we can equip the unit with truck pockets, to facilitate loading onto a vehicle.

Our belt conveyors come with a two-wheel undercarriage as standard. The undercarriage can be adjusted and mounted anywhere on the frame, in order to adjust the angle so that it suits your specific job needs.

Our 8m belt conveyor can reach a height of 6 meters.

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  • Standard feeder
  • Two-wheel transport undercarriage
  • PVC belt with 10mm high carriers
  • PVC sidebattens
  • Aluminium sidebattens
  • Protective motor switch & thermal circuit breaker
  • Self-adjusting safety relay plus starting and operating capacitors
  • Powerful motor of 110V/230V


  • Extra wide feeder for wheelbarrow
  • Alternative PVC belts without carriers, with 30 mm high carriers or with extra tensile strength
  • Engine for extremely cold (or hot) temperatures



Belt Conveyor 8 m
Motor 240 V
Output 0.55 kW
Speed 32 cm/sek
Lenght 800 cm
Belt Width 34 cm
Frame Width 48 cm
Height 23 cm
Weight 134 kg
Max. Inclination 30/45°