The story of SoRoTo® begins in 1983 when bricklayer Benny Andersen decided to construct the mixer that he and his colleagues needed. One for indoor tiling, flooring, concrete renovation and regular masonry. 

The mixer had to be handy; easy to take up-stairs and through doors. And it had to be able to be powered by a regular domestic output.

The forced action mixers that existed in those days were all big, difficult to handle and ran on 3-fased current - and the quality of the mix left much to be desired.





To achieve the result Benny Andersen wanted he had to disregard all previous mixer constructions, but never-the-less, he presented his new, groundbreaking design after only a couple of years of intense work.

It was a forced action mixer with a mixing capacity of 40 Litres, which was the contents of a standard bag those days.

It was so small that a single man could transport it to the 4th floor - and it ran on the regular outlet current.

The scoop though, was the mixing arms that Benny constructed and patented. They secured a perfect mix and could be (dis-)mounted without the need for tools.

The reception from fellow professionals went beyond expectations: the mixer was a sensation.

But the Danish craftsmen were busy and soon they sought bigger machines - and they have continued to do so over the years.

Today SoRoTo® manufacture and distribute forced action mixers of 40, 80, 100, 120, 200 and 300 Litres - and a Light-version of 65 Litres. We also distribute belt conveyors and several other construction machinery in Denmark and all over the rest of the world.


The name ”SoRoTo”  is a contraction of the names of Benny Andersen's 3 sons, Sonny, Ronny and Tommy. It was an obvious choice, and it's easy to pronounce in any language.

The 3 sons have all been part of the company for many years. Tommy Andersen has a technical and mechanical education, and both Sonny and Ronny are bricklayers and masoners.

The more than 30 years of experience within the company, as well as the practical knowledge of the construction industry, make a solid foundation which our new CEO, Hans Terney Rasmussen, continues to build on.

The company is continually growing; the market for SoRoTo Machinery is spread over most of the world now, and this has meant a need for change.

We began with moving the whole company to a new location in Glostrup, close to Copenhagen. This means that all our departments are under one roof now and our day-to-day life is in sync.

Our new quarters offer room for meetings and product showcasing in our show room.



From left: RONNY, TOMMY, SONNY, AND (in the front) BENNY ANDERSEN