CMF 290

Our CMF 290 is the ”little” concrete mixer in our CMF series, but with a mixing capacity of 290L, we are talking about a mixer that can handle large or medium-sized construction jobs. The 290L liters give you a mixing volume of 2.6m3/hour, allowing you to mix relatively large quantities.

The special thing about the CMF series is the fact, that these drum mixers are equipped with 4 wheels and a tow bar, making the machine towable behind smaller vehicles. This facilitates getting around large construction sites to the various jobs, which is also made possible by the pneumatic wheels that allow the machine to traverse minor obstacles – albeit at low speeds.

The frame of the CMF 290 is full-welded and very robust, giving you a machine that is built for the long haul. This is also seen in the protective metal shield covering the motor, as well as stabilizing braces on the frame, which can also function as forklift pockets.

Finally, the only thing left to say about this machine is that it has a gear/disc installed that reduces the power discharge required to tip the drum and empty the mixing tray. If you want extra protection of the gear ring around the drum, you have the option of buying an extra protective ring as seen in the picture.

All things considered, this is a solid concrete mixer with 4 wheels, notable by having some different options for transportation than most other drum mixers.

Cement Mixers
Motor 110V - 240V - 400V
Drum Capacity 360L
Mixing Capacity 290L
Height 165 cm
Width/Length 110/180 cm
Weight 210 kg