Forced Action Mixer 100 L


The 100 L Forced Action Mixer mixes just enough for two men to be kept occupied with masonry work, should you need that.

The SoRoTo® 100 L mixes material quickly and homogenously, for e.g. grouting, flooring, concrete renovation and more.

The SoRoTo® 100 L is easy to transport and to handle. It rolls through most doors and is avidly used on building grounds throughout the world - both outdoors and indoors.

The machine runs on either 240V or 110V, and weighs no more than 98 Kg. A SoRoTo® 100 L Forced Action Mixer is therefore the obvious choice on any construction site.     

BEWARE: When mixing material with aggregates, we recommend using a mixer system with rubber shovels.

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  • Removable mixer arms - makes cleaning easy - no need for tools.
  • By tipping the mixer it can easily be loaded onto a car by means of the small wheels.
  • Easily adjustable telescopic legs for discharge into bucket or wheelbarrow.
  • After 3-5 minutes the perfect mix is discharged through mixer gate at bottom of drum.
  • The grid lid is mounted on hinges and equipped with automatic mechanical switch to meet safety regulations.
  • Rubber strap secures the grid lid during transportation.
  • In case of wear you only need to change one mixer arm if the others are allright.
Forced Action Mixer 100 L
Motor 240 V / 110V
Output 1.1 kW
Weight 96 kg
RPM 30
Drum Capacity 106 L
Mixing Capacity 100 L
Height 109-127 cm
Width/Length 68/80 cm
Standard blades steel