TURBOFLOW Mixing Paddles

The TURBOFLOW collection is our mixing paddle that provides a powerful mixing effect, thanks to the negative downstream angling of the mixing blades, which generates a powerful current that draws that material from the top of the mixing head and downwards. This is helpful if you want to mix, for example, two kinds of paint to achieve a specific shade. The mixing paddle in the TURBOFLOW collection features many of the same qualities as those in the FLOW collection, but this mixing paddle is in its own collection due to its highly efficient mixing ability.

What should you mix with a mixing paddle from the TURBOFLOW collection?

Although the mixing paddle was developed for materials that require a powerful mixing effect, it can be used for a wide range of thin products. Some examples are epoxy resin, binding agents, coating paint, and dispersions.

The mixing paddle is suitable for mounting in drills or smaller mixers, such as the SoRoTo 850W mixer, using a drill chuck. The advantage of this mixer is that it is handy and easy to handle. It also allows two-handed operation, allowing you to establish a better working posture.