SoRoTo® Combi Pump P750
SoRoTo® Combi Pump P750

SoRoTo® Combi Pump P750

The SoRoTo® submersible pump is made for drainage, sewage pumping, general industrial pumping and slurry pumping.


Maximum lifting height: approx. 18 M

Maximum lifting volume: approx. 20 M3/pr. hour (330 L/min)



  • water extraction (abstraction) in water wells
  • diversion of surface water
  • sludge pump in sump
  • bottom suction when basement is flooded


  • 10 metres of robust, cast cable
  • Double mechanical SiC seal in oil chamber for continuous lubrication
  • Highly efficient motor with thermofuse
  • Polyurethan impeller providing resistance to sand and gravel
  • Replaceable strainer with bottom suction
SITO Combi Pump
Motor 240 V
Output 0.75 kW
Max. Lifting Vol. 330 L/H
Max. Lifting Height 18 m
Width 279 mm
Height 368 mm
Hose Connector 2"