Electric Mixers

SoRoTo Electric Mixer was developed for professional tradespeople.
The three models are characterised by three focus areas:
Ergonomic Design. High power. Low weight.

We have created three compact and robust electric mixers that are excellent for mixing small quantities.

SoRoTo ® Electric Mixer comes in three models:

850W An compact electric mixer is powerful despite its size and perfect for those who mainly use electric mixers for thin flowing materials.

1220W An electric mixer for more regular use. The electric mixer has some properties that make it user-friendly and highly practical.

1300W A bigger and stronger electric mixer with features like: Soft Start, speed regulation, ergonomic design of the handle and work height, and Auto-drive. Altogether, a strong and powerful tool for various tasks.

All the electric mixers are fitted with a whisk and drill chuck for an angular whisk.