GA 140 Mixing Paddle

Need a good all-round mixing paddle that is more efficient and easier on your back than a traditional mixing paddle? Then the GA140 mixing paddle from our SCREW collection is the perfect choice for you, as the special design of the mixing head creates a more efficient mix and a more upright—and, therefore, ergonomic— working posture. With its diameter of 130/150 mm, the mixing paddle is the biggest in our entire mixing paddle collection, making it best suited for thick materials, although it can also be used for thin materials. It is part of the SCREW collection and has an estimated mixing capacity of 25-35 kg.

What is special about the design of the GA140 mixing paddle?

The reason the GA140 mixing paddle creates a more upright and ergonomic working posture is its conical design, as the top of the mixing head is wider than the base. The advantage of this is that it is easier to reach the edges of the slanted sides of a mixing bucket while maintaining an upright posture. As a result, the mixing paddle is easier on your back, and you achieve a better working posture. This is the case for all mixing paddles in the SCREW and EXPERT collections. On top of the ergonomic advantages, the mixing paddle also provides more efficient mixing as the conical shape allows for an improvement in speed of 15-20% compared to traditional mixing paddles.

For which materials is the GA140 mixing paddle suitable?

As mentioned, the GA140 is a good all-round mixing paddle, as it can be used for thick materials like tile adhesive, plaster, and mortar, as well as thinner materials like polish and paints. The reason the mixing paddle is best suited for thick materials is the upstream design of the mixing blades, which draws the material from the bottom and mixing paddle it upwards. This process means that it can be difficult to handle thin materials, as it can be a struggle to keep them in the mixing bucket. For thin materials, we recommend our downstream SA120 NEG. mixing paddle (hyperlink).

If you want more information about our mixing paddles and an overview of the best fit depending on the type of materials, you can check out our mixing paddle wheel.

  • Round axle with m14 thread for mounting in a stirrer
  • Height: 655 mm
  • Materials: Tile adhesive, plaster, mortar, polish, and paints.
  • Mixing head: 130 mm diameter at the base, 150 mm at the top.
  • Current: Upstream.
  • Estimated mixing capacity: 25-35 kg.


The mixing paddle from the GA series are true all-round paddles. They are especially suitable for viscous products like adhesives, renders and mortar. They can, however, also be used for paints and other low viscous materials.When should you choose paddles from the SA series

  • GA140 has a diameter on 150 mm in the top and 130 mm in the bottom
  • Round shaft with 14 mm thread for mounting in a electric mixer
Mixing Paddles
Ø 130/150 mm
Heigth 655 mm
Weight 1.71 kg
For 13 mm Drill Chuck (D)/
M14 Thread (M14)