CMG Concrete Mixer Series


​CMG drum mixers are characterized by their gearbox, giving them the name CMG. The gearbox on this drum mixer makes the CMG series low-noise compared to other concrete mixers. The CMG series turns the mixing tray via a gearbox that drives a timing belt, ensuring the low noise level. This drum mixer has 3 mixing arms, as well as a structure where the braces are not forklift pockets, unlike the drum mixer series of CMP, CMS, and CME – however, the braces are of a sturdier construction than the forklift pockets. The CMG is available in 3 models, CMG 160, CMG 210, and CMG 300-T. The CMG 300-T differs from the 2 other models by having the same feature as our CMT series, where the drum mixer is equipped with a ball coupling for mounting on a trailer hitch, allowing the drum mixer to be towed behind a car. This machine is considered a trailer, and it is built to be towed at speeds up to 90 km/h – but it obviously depends on the legislation in any given country.