ITEM NO.: 1220000

Electric Mixer SoRoTo® Mix 1220W

1220 W

This electric mixer is a larger machine which is perfect for a more regular usage. The mixer is stronger and still an affordable machine. The mixer is delivered with a standard whisk, GA120.

All the SoRoTo® Electric Mixers are delivered with the following accessories

  • Chuck with adaptor for edged whisks
  • Adaptor M14-M14 for use with special types of whisks with inside thread 
  • A standard whisk

Are you looking for a spare part you can find the blow up drawings incl. item no.s in different languages right here.

Electric Mixers
Motor 240 V
Output 1.22 kW
RPM 480 - 800
Gears 2
Cable 3.5 m
Thread M14
Whisk, Max. Ø 140 mm
Protection Class II
Weight 3.6 kg