ITEM NO.: 1220000

Electric Mixer SoRoTo® Mix 1220W

If you regularly need to carry out minor mixing tasks in your workplace, then the 1220W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer is the perfect choice. The electric mixer has a strong motor/gearbox, and the entire design is developed to create a robust and compact mixer.

Our 1220W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer is slightly less powerful than our strongest option, the 1330W, but the electric mixer has some properties and features that makes it a user-friendly and practical electric mixer:

  • Gearbox with two adjustable steps
  • Soft start
  • Speed-regulating start/stop button
  • Non-slip and shock-resistant rubber corners
  • High power – low weight
  • Auto-drive feature that runs the motor automatically
  • Strategically protected cable

Having a gearbox with two adjustable steps is helpful as it allows you to adjust the electric mixer’s speed and power to each stage of the mixing process. It is helpful to use our power gear at first, when the mix is heaviest and when you want to limit the splash. Further into the mixing process, you can change gear to increase the number of revolutions and lower the power because working with the material has become easier.

To avoid the material flying over the edges at the start of the mixing process, the 1220W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer is also equipped with a soft-start feature that starts the revolutions slowly to limit splashing as well as set a good work rhythm.

A light machine with a strong and robust motor

Its low weight makes the 1220W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer particularly remarkable considering the strong 1220W motor. This gives you substantial traction per machine kilo as the electric mixer only weighs 3.6 kilos. But the low weight is not the only property that makes the electric mixer so user-friendly. All corners of the electric mixer’s handles are fitted with non-slip and shock-resistant rubber corners, so you can place the electric mixer against a wall without having to bend down to the ground.

The rubber corners are also helpful as they absorb some of the shock if you drop the electric mixer, minimising the risk of damaging the gear/motor. Likewise, the cable on the 1220W SoRoTo Mix electric mixer is strategically placed on the bottom of the handle, minimising the risk of a cracked cable if you drop the electric mixer.

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Electric Mixers
Motor 240 V
Output 1.22 kW
RPM 480 - 800
Gears 2
Cable 3.5 m
Thread M14
Whisk, Max. Ø 140 mm
Protection Class II
Weight 3.6 kg