CMG 210

The CMG 210 is characterized by its gearbox, which is how it differs from the CMP, CMS, and CME series. The gearbox drives a timing belt that turns the mixing tray, making this concrete mixer a very low-noise drum mixer. This drum mixer has 3 mixing arms, as well as a structure where the braces are not forklift pockets – however, the braces are of a sturdier construction than the forklift pockets and the braces are somewhat sturdier than those on the CMP, CMS, and CME models. This drum mixer has puncture-free wheels. The CMG 210 has a mixing capacity of 210L and a drum capacity of 260L. This allows the concrete mixer to mix 2.12 m3/hour. Without the motor, this drum mixer weighs 139 kg, making it on the heavy side for a concrete is suitable for medium-sized construction projects.

Cement Mixers
Motor 110V - 240V - 400V
Drum Capacity 260L
Mixing Capacity 210L
Height 158 cm
Width/Length 90/177 cm
Weight 139 kg