My forced action mixer won't start...

How to check why your forced action mixer won't start:

  • Check the cord from the wall to the machine. Are there any ruptures? Is the machine hooked up to the correct current? Also, check if the cord works with a different machine.

  • Ensure that the cord is not more than 10 m long. If you're using a cable drum, make sure the cord is completely roled out.

  • If your forced action mixer is one of the bigger ones, i.e. a 200L or a 300L forced action mixer, check the phase turner and adjust if need be.
    Adjusting of phase turner.

  • Check, that the grid lid is completely closed, and the safety switch activated. The machine will not start with an open grid lid or unactivated safety switch. 

  • If the safety switch is too loose or tight, the machine won't start either.
    Adjusting the safety switch.
    On the 65- Light, the safety switch is a straight metal piece, that shuts the machine off, when it opens. This can also be adjusted:

  • Check the thermal circuit breaker. If it is visible on the switch by the start/stop buttons, then press it in, and wait 30 sec. Then press start again.

If you have tried all of this, and it still won't start, it might be a capacitor or the whole switch that is broken. The machine should then be sent to a technician or electrician who knows about SoRoTo® machines. Talk to your local dealership.