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SoRoTo® Brick Plate

The SoRoTo Brick Plate is the ideal add-on to enhance the safety and efficacy of bricklaying work. Designed to work with the SoRoTo H-Bucket, our aluminium plates are a staple on construction sites.

Why bricklayers love the SoRoTo Brick Plate

A simple solution

Measuring 46x95cm, the SoRoTo Brick Plate is space-conscious and can comfortably fit in a panel van. When a mason is ready to begin bricklaying, they can easily fit the lightweight plate between two H-Buckets to raise the bricks to a comfortable working height.

Putting ergonomics first

Each plate weighs just 3.25kg, making it easy for masons to lift and carry throughout the workday. The SoRoTo Brick Plate is designed to reduce the risk of injury, providing a stable surface to work on while preventing masons from overextending when picking up items for bricklaying.

Making work easier

Each SoRoTo Brick Plate features six cut-outs, providing ample room for storing a mason’s tools. With masonry tools such as chisels, trowels or hammers kept close to hand, a bricklayer’s job is made easier and more efficient.

Key features:

Loads of up to 150kg

Crafted from door plate aluminium

Designed to work with the SoRoTo H-Bucket

Please note the SoRoTo Brick Plate is not appropriate to use as scaffolding. Loads should not exceed 150kg and the plate should not be stepped on.

Height single
Total height
Bottom raised
The edge
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