Belt Conveyor

Which degree of inclination does my belt conveyor allow?
The degree depends on what kind of material you're moving.
How do I mount the infeed hopper for wheelbarrow?
If you follow this easy guide, it should be no problem mounting your infeed hopper.
How do I clean my belt conveyor?
It is simple and straight forward to clean your belt conveyor. Especially if you do it immediately after use. Click READ MORE to see the video
How do I mount the feeder to my conveyor?
A SoRoTo® Belt Conveyor is sold by default incl. a standard feeder, but if for some reason it has been removed, here is how you easily mount it.
Click READ MORE and watch the video.
The emergency stop on my belt conveyor doesn't work...
Check if there's a wire loose by or in the electrical boxes. If not, you need a new emergency stop.
The switch turns off...
Start with cutting the power, and then check all the connections.
Check if the wiring inside the frame is OK.
The motor on my belt conveyor won't work...
Check if there's a power transition to the frame. BEWARE: Do NOT open the motor up.
Talk to your local SoRoTo expert.
The belt conveyor causes fuses to blow /can't run with a full load...
Check the machine is on a separate power group (240V min. 10 Amp. / 110V min. 16 Amp.)
Check the cable is a rubber cable of max. 10 meters
Check the capacitors are neither deform nor broken
BEWARE: If you have broken or deform capacitors, they should be exchanged immediately.
Where is the serial no. located on my belt conveyor?
The serial no. on a SoRoTo® belt conveyor is located behind the motor switch on the power strip.
The belt on my conveyor doesn't run?
Check the back roller. It could be blocked.
Check the tightness of the belt. If it is too tight or too lose, it won't run.
Can I put new friction tape on my conveyor motor?
Yes, you can. You can purchase both glue and friction tape at your local SoRoTo Dealership.
Can I remove the feeder from my belt conveyor?
Yes you can. When serial connecting it might be a good idea to remove the feeder.
How do I figure out which size belt conveyor I have?
You can measure which size your belt conveyor is.

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