What is a great Electric Mixer?

Read more about electric mixers, and what makes an electric mixer great.

What is a great Electric Mixer? 

Every mason should own an electric mixer of high quality, but what make an electric mixer great? In most situations we would recommend mixing by using a Forced Action Mixer, due to the ergonomic benefits that put less strain on your body. BUT a proper electric mixer can still be a great tool for completing certain tasks.

It is not possible to avoid physical labor when it comes to using an electric mixer, which is why it is important to consider an electric mixer with an ergonomic design. Things to consider here include:

  • The weight of the mixer
  • The height of the mixer
  • The shape and design of the handle

Why is the 1300W SoRoTo® Electric Mixer ergonomic?

At SoRoTo we have a keen focus on the ratio between weight and power of the motor, and our electric mixers offer lots of torque compared to the overall weight of the machine – for an example, our 1300W electric mixer only weighs 4.5 kilograms. On this mixer, we have shaped the handle to fit especially well with the anatomy of the human body, and that means an extra wide handle to allow a better and more relaxed posture that is healthy for the shoulders, which in turn means it becomes easier to achieve an optimal working posture.
We have also designed the handle with a Soft Grip, which makes the handle even more comfortable to hold.

The 1300W SoRoTo® Electric Mixer and our mixing paddle are designed with quality in mind, and to provide the user with a correct and ergonomic working posture, which is why our mixing paddle and electric mixer are the perfect combinations as they complement each other well.

The tall design on the electric mixer shows itself by the length of the motor which extends the electric mixer considerably. This extra length allows for a straighter and thereby more ergonomic posture for the back and arms. That is why we say the length of the motor provides a taller and more ergonomic design. Our mixing paddle is also designed with a focus on ergonomics, which you can read more about this later in the blog post.

What other features increase the user-friendliness of a SoRoTo® electric mixer?

On the 1220W and the 1300W SoRoTo® Electric Mixer, the machine comes equipped with 2 gears, both an effective PowerGear as well as a rapid gear with more revolutions, and they each provide certain benefits during the mixing process. The PowerGear is especially suited for the initial phase of the mixing process, where the mixture can be heavy to work with, while the rapid gear is great once the mixture has been worked and become more malleable.

It is not just the effective PowerGear that makes it easier to handle the initial mixing process. Both the 1220W and 1300W SoRoTo® Electric Mixers come equipped with a Soft Start feature, which increases the revolutions per minute incrementally, this avoids strain on the back and helps avoid the mixture splashing over the edge of the bucket.

The Start/stop button on the two electric mixers is also capable of regulating the speed of the revolutions, so there are plenty of choices when it comes to the speed. Once you have gotten the mixture started well, our Auto drive feature, which automatically powers the motor, can be used to great effect. You can turn on the auto drive function by pressing the Auto Drive button on the inside of the handle, and the motor will manage the revolutions itself. And while it would be a great and easy feature, our electric mixer does not balance itself, so you still need to keep a good hold on the electric mixer!

Our smallest 850W SoRoTo® Electric Mixer is also user-friendly, since the mixer only weighs 2.8 kilograms, and since this electric mixer is only equipped with a single gear that makes it even easier to operate. Therefore, this option is great if you want to use an electric mixer for the first time, if you might have been used to mixing with a power drill.

The 850W SoRoTo® electric mixer also comes equipped with an extra handle that enables using both hands, which is one of the reasons this electric mixer can be a great advantage, compared to a power drill.

When and what should you use a SoRoTo® electric mixer for?

A SoRoTo® electric mixer can be used for many different materials and mixing jobs – only the mixing paddle limits the options available to you. In general, an electric mixer is more suited for smaller mixing tasks, such as roof repairs or a smaller bathroom. Even so, the SoRoTo® electric mixer can still mix most materials successfully, you just need to use the correct mixing paddle.

We offer 3 different mixing paddles, BA-, GA- and the SA-series, all of which are good for different materials. The 3 series are divided as follows:

  • The BA-series is best suited for watery and non-viscous materials, such as glue and paint.
  • The GA-series are composed of our all-round mixing paddles and can be used for many different materials, such as mortar for plastering and bricklaying, primarily more viscous and heavier materials.
  • The SA-series has been divided into two segments. One section features right-winged mixing blades, and one comes with left-winged blades. The right-winged ones are best suited for viscous materials, while the left-winged ones are best suited for less viscous and thinner materials. The left-handed ones are negatively angled and are called SA-NEG.

Our SA-NEG series are well suited for thin and less viscous materials. For an example, it can be a great choice if you are mixing glue with a hardener for a resin mixture that would typically be mixed with an electric mixer before using the forced action mixer to mix the glue and hardener with an aggregate to achieve a finished resin mixture. If you would like to learn more about how to create resin mixture, you can read our blog post about just this topic.

Our wide selection of mixing paddles offers many options to find the very best mixing paddle for the correct type of material, and if you are in doubt which material goes with which machine, you can read our recommendations and get an overview here.

If you want to know more about our 3 different electric mixers, you can read more about them here, where you can also see all their specifications.

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