The SoRoTo H-Bucket

Ergonomic, stackable, height adjusting - read more about all the advantages with a SoRoTo H-Bucket.

The SoRoTo H-Bucket

The SoRoTo H-Bucket is back by popular demand. First released 15 years ago, the bucket hasn’t been available for a long time since. Now, after many masons have asked when they could buy the H-Bucket again, we’ve finally brought it back to our shelves.

Here’s why our customers think our H-Bucket is better than others on the market.

Using the H-Bucket

The H-Bucket has a minimum capacity of 150 kilograms. Like regular buckets, the H-Buckets can be stacked, but their defining feature is that the buckets can be coupled and locked together. 

At 29 centimetres high, our buckets are the shortest on the market. So when a mason starts tiling the bottom of a wall, he’ll only need one bucket. But as he progresses up the wall, he can add another bucket below and lock them together, positioning the buckets at the perfect height (56 cm) for easy use.

The H-Buckets are stackable! They require a minimum amount of space and fit perfectly in a panel van.

The SoRoTo locking system

Locking the buckets in place reinforces their strength, so they can withstand heavy weight! The H-Bucket contains 55 liters. The locking system ensures that loading newly mixed concrete (from a SoRoTo Forced Action mixer off course) from a wheelbarrow is not a problem, as the H-Buckets won’t topple over, wasting material and causing a mess.

The H-Bucket brick plate

As an additional item, the SoRoTo brick plate is designed to work as a loading bench with the H-Buckets. The brick plate is mounted between 2x2 locked H-Buckets and can lift the bricks to an ergonomic height. The brick plate is also used as a workbench, so additional tools can be put on the bench. The brick plate has three adjustments for distance, ensuring that your preferred working distance between the H-Buckets are possible.

The H-Bucket is ergonomically designed

Masons need to be careful of the toll that working on a construction site day in, day out takes on their bodies. Over a long period of time, repeated stress on your back, arms, or legs can lead to injuries. That’s why it’s so important to ensure all of your tools and equipment are optimised for good ergonomics. 

Masons’ health is our priority, so like our other products, our H-Buckets are ergonomically designed. The ergonomic handles fit comfortably in your hand and make the bucket easy to carry, while the ability to couple and lock buckets for the ideal height means there is no risk of back strain, so you can work safely. 

Our H-Buckets are sustainable

Many of the products we use day to day are designed to be disposable, only good for one or two uses. To counter this mindset, which is highly damaging to the environment, our H-Buckets are designed with longevity in mind. Because of its high quality design and material, a bucket can last for many years, reducing waste. 

In our discussions with masons over the years, we’ve discovered that many go through thirteen to seventeen buckets per year. By switching to SoRoTo’s long-lasting H-Buckets, you’ll need far fewer - which will have less of an impact on the planet, as well as saving you money.