CMS 150L

CMS 150L

Our CMS 150 drum mixer is a solid concrete mixer for the professional craftsman, who needs a drum mixer for medium-sized projects. The concrete mixer has a mixing capacity of 150L, as well as a drum capacity of 180L, delivering a mixing volume of 1.32 M3/hour.

A CMS 150 is made with a full-welded frame and is also equipped with a foot pedal. The full-welded frame makes for a more stable concrete mixer over time, which is also true for the welded mixing shovels. The machine is equipped with puncture-free wheels, making it more stable while mixing, because it is not rocking due to lack of air.
All things considered, a CMS 150 is a very nice all-round drum mixer that can handle many types of jobs.

Cement Mixers
Mixing Capacity 150L
Width/Length 75/127 cm
Height 137 cm
Motor 240V
Drum Capacity 180L
Weight 61 kg