CMS 130L

CMS 130L

If you are looking for a drum mixer for professional use, which is suited for small or medium-sized jobs, a CMS 130 is a very good choice. It is a concrete mixer with a mixing capacity of 130L and a drum capacity of 150L, giving you a production volume of 1.17 M3/hour. The drum mixer is made with a full-welded frame, and it comes with a foot pedal with lock release for drum adjustment. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with truck brackets and a lifting hook, ensuring easy handling during transport.

Reinforced opening as well as grease nipples on the machine provide a good basis for a long service life and easy maintenance. Additionally, the machine is equipped with two double-mixing paddles, which contribute to better mixing.

All things considered, the CMS 130 is a nice, solid machine, which is a popular choice among professional craftsmen doing smaller jobs.

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Cement Mixers
Mixing Capacity 130L
Width/Length 65/120 cm
Height 135 cm
Motor 240V
Drum Capacity 150L
Weight 52 kg