ITEM NO.: SFS M400-13

Floor Saw SFS M400-13


The M-series is a fast and all-round pavement cutting machine, lightweight and easy to handle, which can operate with blades from Ø350 mm (14”) up to Ø500 mm (20”) size.

Its innovative design allows a relevant reduction of both, the number of maintenance services and the time spent of each maintenance, which is 80% below as compared to any other conventional cutter.

This obviously means a considerable reduction in maintenance costs.
For this reason, it is a very convenient machine for rentals.

As the models in P-series, the height adjustment is performed with a pneumatic gas shock absorber operated from a trigger in the handlebar.
Likewise, the transmission is efficiently performed by a Poly-V belt. This belt has a better grip and resistance and does not need to operate as tight as a conventional A or B type V-belt.

  • Both the SFS M400-13 and SFS M500-18 models are designed to use bigger diamond blades
  • Strong and long lasting design, with an improved motor performance and a smoother running.
  • A variety of motors are available for both models, up to 14 Hp and with the possibility of a cyclone air filter motor. 

The SFS M500-18 can operate with up to Ø500 mm (20”) blades, which reach a maximum cutting depth of up to 182 mm (7.1”).

Diamond blade is not included

Floor Saw SFS M400-13
Motor Honda GX390
Motor Type Recoil start
Water Tank 20 L
Blade 350 x 25.4 mm
Cutting Depth 107 mm
Weight 71.6 kg